Being Famous on Social Media

Sharp, dead-on observations that are surprisingly liberating. Just MHO. Lida

The Art of Blogging

I already know what you’re thinking.

But what about all the influencers advertising all sorts of products on Instagram? What about the impact? The sales of their own products?

It’s almost a rule of the universe that as long as you’re being true to yourself, fame, fortune, and the latest Apple products will all be yours.

But the truth is not that easy. Not everyone who has a vlog and an over-the-top personality gets to win big. Not every guy who workouts six times a week gets to sell his programs or have his own brand of supplements.

For every Jackson Pollock, there were thousands of folks who were doing the same thing, yet never earned quite enough to make a living.

If only I could get noticed. If only I could get someone to read my stuff.

Yes, and I hope you do get thousands and thousands of…

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2 Responses to Being Famous on Social Media

  1. Vance Fox says:

    yes, it is difficult to build a customer base online, with all the competition for sales and support. nice use of monopoly board and comparison; it is like the game of life we used to play as kids, too. would have been smart to learn to plan ahead with a clear goal in mind, and buy life insurance, real estate, and all the other options as we spun the wheel. good luck in your search for more readers!


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