Bragging Rights

AHM_MayJune2019_400x570Every issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine includes a fun contest. They print a picture, and writers are challenged to come up with a 250 word maximum story inspired by or based on the picture. Winners get $25.00. The winning story and the names of the runners up are printed in the next issue. I’m proud to say I was a runner up in the latest contest, with my name in the issue pictured here.

Best of all, it was the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time–a great break from revising, editing, marketing. And even that small bit of recognition gives me the emotional boost to keep going, to do more, to seek out more opportunities. And to encourage all my fellow short story and/or mystery writers to do the same.

About Lida Bushloper

writer and poet
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8 Responses to Bragging Rights

  1. van says:

    congratulations! keep writing those scary mystery stories!


  2. Kathie Lanker says:

    Fun! Good job.


  3. How wonderful! Keep up the good work. I got your email–lots of great news. Will try to answer soon!


  4. m says:

    fantastic. Fun, and a prize associated with writing = who’s not to love this! Thank you, and congrats!


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