I’ll Take It

I’m please to say that my limerick was chosen as a runner up in the Saturday Evening Post‘s Jan./Feb. limerick contest. They don’t print the runners up in the magazine, but you can read my entry here, although you’ll have to scroll down a bit. Would winning have been better? Sure. But I often think of what Christine Cooper, Olympic Silver Medalist, said when asked by a reporter how she felt about not winning the top prize. “You could take all the joy out of life by always wanting something to be better.” According to the magazine’s web site, they get around 300 entries for their limerick contest each time. So, I’ll gladly take runner up rather than not have tried at all. After all, you can’t come in second if you’re not in the game. So, whatever your game, keeping playing!

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writer and poet
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8 Responses to I’ll Take It

  1. carolynswadron says:

    Hi Lida, FYI – the “here” link below doesn’t work; it takes me to your page. But then, if I search on Limericks, I get your blog article, and the “here” like there does work. Very odd. Love, Carolyn



  2. Kathie Lanker says:

    Very clever. Runner up is fantasyic!


  3. This is great news. It’s validation any time you get an acceptance. Keep writing; keep submitting. (I just got a rejection this evening, but I know where I’m sending the story next!)


  4. I’m sorry about that Lida!

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