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When I talked about where to discard books when you are ready to, I hinted at a couple of tricky situations. You probably already know what they are. One is when you have a book which you no longer want, … Continue reading

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Where do books come from? (No, not from Mommy and Daddy books.)

If there were a survey that asked “Where/how do you acquire your books? (mark all that apply)”, my response would look something like this: Traditional bookstores Used bookstores Online Thrift shops Other stores, e.g. supermarkets, home and garden centers, office … Continue reading

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This past weekend, I was lucky enough to visit the Sierra Madre (Ca.) Art Fair, which supports the Sierra Madre Public Library.  I met there a marvelous artist, Belinda Del Pesco.  My friends and I were struck by the quality … Continue reading

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Writing About Writing

One of my commenters alerted me to a Bukowski poem which I had not read before.  The poem was about writing poetry.  Writers are often at their best when writing about writing, about the conflicts, the fears and the decidedly … Continue reading

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