This past weekend, I was lucky enough to visit the Sierra Madre (Ca.) Art Fair, which supports the Sierra Madre Public Library.  I met there a marvelous artist, Belinda Del Pesco.  My friends and I were struck by the quality of her art.  But I was even more amazed by her generosity.  She is completely open about her process of creation, completely willing to share encouragement and practical advice, in my case about how to improve my still infant blog.  I was impressed by her ability to articulate the methods by which she produces such fine work.

I wrote in an earlier post about the dreaded “dry spells” we writers sometimes face, and that one way of both surviving them and also stimulating our work back into action, is to get exposure to other artists and art forms, especially excellent examples.  I mentioned plays and music, but Belinda and her art are exactly the kind of thing I meant.  It’s also one more example of how being part of a community of artists promotes one’s own work and creativity.  Visit Belinda on her website or blog

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  1. Belinda Del Pesco says:

    It was my pleasure to meet you and your friends this weekend, and I am humbled and blushing that your post is so complimentary. Thank you for stopping by my booth at the art fair (twice!), and thank you for this lovely account of our meeting. Perhaps the portal of blogging will be another window – and we’ll wave hello through it now and then. 🙂


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