My latest success

I am proud to announce the publication of my first ever mystery story.  Here’s the link

This success came about through networking.  I’ve increased my participation in forums lately.  This is no excuse for neglecting my own blog, but it pays off.  It’s often hard for writers to maintain active contacts, when our writing is so all-consuming of both our time and our energy.  But having contacts, whether personal or otherwise, has benefitted me in many ways.  Critiques from my writers’ group have improved my work and led to sales.  I’ve learned about contests and competitions that were worthwhile to enter.  In larger groups, there is always someone who has the answer to whatever question, large or small, that has become a snag in one’s work.  For instance, on one of the forums of which I am a member, one of the members asked where to get professional head shots.  The answers and recommendations poured in.  People in our line of work need support and encouragement from others who “get” what it’s like to do this, to manage both the writing and the business aspects of our jobs, to deal with our emotions as well as the practical bits. I want to write more about networking soon. But for now, enjoy the story. I hope it’s the first of many.   

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