Before You Decide. . .

novelNo one can ever really convey to another person what it’s like to: have a baby; buy your first home; retire; or write a novel. Sure, you can read about it. There’s no shortage of material devoted to helping the individual or couple embarking on one of these adventures. Sometimes, retirement or having a baby can be an unexpected development. Still, most of us have the option to choose whether or when to forge ahead. But the very fact that so many others have gone through the same experience gives us reassurance that we can succeed. And this reassurance is justified–except for writing a novel. Writing a novel is hard in a unique way. So, before you decide this is the path for you. read J.A. Allen’s blog post 8 Things You Must Do BEFORE Buckling Down to Write that Novel. Read it, heed it.

About Lida Bushloper

writer and poet
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