Talk About Grateful. . .

gratitude (2)I didn’t write a post about being grateful at Thanksgiving, but now’s the time. I had coffee a few days ago with a friend who has her own business in a different field from mine. She had mentioned she was planning taking a course in “social media” for her particular field. It sounded interesting, as we writers often have our websites, blogs, Twitter feeds, etc. But when I asked her about it, she said she had bailed out. She found out it cost $2000.00!!! Sheesh. So now I’m super grateful for all the groups I belong to, both online and IRL. These include Sisters In Crime, the Guppies sub-chapter of SinC, my local chapter SinCLA, and Short Mystery Fiction Society. Guppies and both the national SinC and my local chapter often offer wonderful classes for what I now realize is a super bargain price. While some are about craft, many deal with social media. Plus, I get newsletters which include how-to’s about social media platforms. On top of all that, the online forums, which are free for paid members, often have threads that provide knowledgeable and thorough tips for handling social media issues. (Not to mention that the memberships include a wealth of other benefits.) I can’t imagine any of us has $2000.00 to spend on instruction, no matter how excellent it may be. So, for all my groups, for all the volunteers that work so hard to keep them running, for all people who step up with articles, advice, support and help, THANKS.


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