Wisdom All Around Us

gladys taberI was glad to see that Gladys Taber is still a popular author on Goodreads almost 30 years after her death I remember her long-running column in Woman’s Day Magazine called “Butternut Wisdom.” Looking back, I admire that the photo that accompanied the column was an honest portrait of a genial-looking, but rather dumpy woman. No air-brushing or Photo shopping employed. Okay, if I’m honest, I never actually read those columns, or any of her books or other work. But just the title “Butternut Wisdom” was evocative. On the other hand, most of us are captive audiences for another source of wisdom: car license plate holders. I saw one a few days ago that was meant for me, and perhaps for all writers. “Never Tell Me The Odds.”  Not that I want to be in denial, but I think in order to do what I do, it’s better for me not to know the odds against getting published, landing a book deal, becoming known as a writer outside my own circle of friends, and of course, making any money at all from my work. Writing is hard enough. Why open myself up to disheartening statistics? After all, somewhere out there, people are still getting book deals, reviews in major outlets and speaking gigs. As long as that’s still happening, there’s hope for me–and you.

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2 Responses to Wisdom All Around Us

  1. Lida, I never thought of it before, but I agree–please do not tell me the odds for “making it big” in the fiction writing biz! Fun post.


  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jan. I’m just reminded of all those studies that tell us how few writers make a living writing, or how little most writers make. I don’t wanna hear it. I just want to work and be the best writer I can be. Lida


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