An Abundance of “Free Stuff”

Several times on this blog, I’ve mentioned what everybody here in town calls the “free table.”


The Free Table behind our local library.

This is a table with a lovely roof, built by the local Boy Scouts, in back of the library where everyone is free to drop off or pick up books, magazines and other related items. Well, apparently our small town had the money to upgrade to new event furniture, because now, next to the “free table” are . . .

FREE TABLES!free tables 6

It took a week or two, but they all found new homes. And not in a land fill or dumpster. Yay!

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9 Responses to An Abundance of “Free Stuff”

  1. trishafaye says:

    What FUN! Does this mean I’d better bring an extra, empty suitcase next time I make it to southern California? LOL


    • You betcha! And if you had been here this weekend, you could have gone to the library’s Best Used Book Sale. But not to worry, they have them every other month. Friday I came away with 8 books. Like that’s what I needed.

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      • trishafaye says:

        Everyone needs a Happy Friday like that!
        Besides, no one can ever have too many books. When my piles here threaten to fall over and bury me in my room, I do thin them a bit and take a big box to our local thrift store, whose profits help support a woman’s shelter.
        Happy reading!!

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  2. This is wonderful. Shows someone is thinking about the environment. Thanks for making me smile tonight. Lida.


  3. Claire S. says:

    This free stuff looks so amazing! If I were there, I’d take some of the books on the book like 😄


  4. I’m not sure, but I think their website has a locator. I know they do have Little Free Libraries all over the world. Lida


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