amuletYears ago, I read The Amulet by Michael McDowell. I loved it, but when I went looking for more by this author, I was disappointed to find he had died in 1999. McDowell wrote horror but without the gore. His books were already out of print and nearly impossible to find. So I was delighted when I saw on the Books & Bytes blog that Valancourt Books has reissued McDowell’s titles. I was also intrigued to read a bio of McDowell on Valancourt’s web site. Wow! In addition to his fiction, he wrote the screenplays for both Beetlejuice and The



Nightmare Before Christmas, both ingeniously original films and two of my favorites. If you’re like me and prefer eerie, creepy, the slow build, but not splatter and chainsaws, you might like McDowell. The entire feature on Valancourt Books, posted on Books & Bytes is also worth reading. You can find it here. Their sole purpose is to re-issue out of print classics and other hard to find, but deserving titles. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to order a couple of new-to-me McDowell titles.

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