morningIf I’m going to get any writing done, it has to be in the morning. First thing. Sort of. I say sort of, because, first I have to feed the cat. Then, for health reasons, I can’t skip breakfast. Oh, how I wish I could be like my friend Anne, who wakes up, grabs her coffee and heads directly to her studio in a converted shed. Well, I can’t. But other than those two necessities, I’ve learned from experience, if I don’t get the writing done in the morning, it likely won’t get done. Because, one of four things will happen. I’ll inadvertently get caught up in some urgent, but non-writing project, like mailing my sister’s birthday gift. Once that happens, the next non-writing project will shove itself forward. Even getting breakfast can be dangerous. Once in the kitchen, it’s all too tempting to empty the dishwasher or start planning lunch. They seem such simple tasks, so quick, surely they won’t interfere with my work. Yet, that’s what ends up happening. One chore somehow leads to another. It’s like when dieters make a slip up and then think, oh, well, today’s diet has gone belly up, may as well give it up for the day. If I escape that blunder, but still don’t get the writing done first, the outside world will begin to intrude, with a phone call or email that demands a response. Beyond those practical obstacles, there are the psychological ones. One is that any ideas that seemed new and fresh upon awakening will start to seem trite or unworkable. Related to that, but worst of all, is that the longer I wait, the worse my internal demonic voices will get. The inner critic. I’m not good enough. I have nothing to say. It’s all a worthless endeavor. Better do something more useful. Once that happens, I can still approach the desk. but everything I try to do will be much, much harder. Writing is hard enough. I’d rather do it early, when I have a fightin’ chance.

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6 Responses to Morning

  1. Michael Toman says:

    Hi, Lida!

    Thanks for sharing this. Much appreciated!

    Best-selling author Curtis Sittenfeld mentions similar time management problems in her new interview in the latest issue of WRITERS DIGEST.

    I read the Pasadena Public Library subscription copy yesterday since the library seems to have straightened out whatever problems they had with that particular subscription.

    Think that there should still be a copy available at the South Pasadena Public Library, too.

    See what you think?

    All Best,

    Michael ________________________________


    • Indeed, Michael, from what I gather, time management, getting started and scheduling are perennial problems for a lot of writers. I subscribe to WD, so I’ll have access to the article at home. Now, if I can just find time to read it! Hah! Thanks for reading and commenting. Lida


  2. I have the same problem, Lida! I need to get that writing session in right after coffee and a short walk. Otherwise, it will probably not happen. As the day dwindles, so does my willpower. I’ve known this for ages, so I do try to get in that walk and the morning pages as soon as I can. May we both manage to have more good mornings than not!


    • I envy you the morning walk before you get started. I fear my morning writing habit is still too fragile to try to add another layer beforehand. But I’ll keep you as my role model, as you so often are. Thanks for reading and responding. Lida


  3. trishafaye says:

    I’m better in the morning too. But I need about an hour of ‘wake up’ time. I drink my one soda for the day (not a coffee drinker), check email, play a computer game or two – by then my eyeballs are opening, I go put in contacts and then I’m raring to go. I agree though, if I distracted with a chore, task, or errand, it seems to throw the whole writing plan off.


    • Hi, Trish, I think the fact that I have to feed the cat and actually fix and eat breakfast helps me through that “wake up” time. Also, what I didn’t mention in the post is that I watch morning news while I have breakfast and then do a session of morning pages. But anything other than that sends me down the rabbit hole of non-accomplishment. As long as we each find out what works for us, we can call it good. Thanks for getting in touch.

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