I’m excited. My story, “The Wannabe”, is now out in the latest Guppy anthology, Fishy Business. While not quite a “30-Year Story“, it was at least a 10-year story. Still, I kept at it. I kept at it because I had faith in the story. I also had friends along the way who helped. An actress I know helped me shape the “cattle call” scene. I also did research into how long it takes to render a person unconscious by choking and how long they will stay passed out once the airway is cleared. Mostly, I kept submitting. While the story came close to acceptance several times, it never made the final cut. Until the call for the latest Guppy anthology went out, that is. Even then, it was a year between acceptance and the publication of the anthology. But so what? In the meantime, I kept working on and submitting other pieces, plus editing, revising and publishing the second edition of my poetry book, Fault Lines. As writers, we accept the realities of publishing, which include delays and disappointments. But we also get to enjoy the successes and victories. One of the unexpected joys of working on this anthology was getting to know the other 21 contributors, the coordinator and others involved. Sure, I’d seen their names and read their posts on the group list, and even met a couple of them in person at Bouchercon. But this collaborative experience in a small group focused on one project proved delightful. And it’s one more experience to add to this, my writing life.

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14 Responses to Persistence

  1. Kathie Lanker says:

    Congratulations! Your dedication and patience is uplifting to all of us. Well-done, Lida.


  2. vinniehansen says:

    Can’t wait to read your story, Lida, and signing with you at CCWC. I agree that one of the joys of being in an anthology is meeting all the other authors.


  3. Kathleen Rockwood says:

    The story gave me chills! I loved it.


  4. jo nelsen says:

    Great post, Lida and reminds me to get off my duff and do the interview for my emails….Really great what you’ve written here!



  5. Proud of your persistence and the final product.


  6. trishafaye says:

    You’re absolutely right. Success is all in the persistence. The keeping at it. Keeping writing. Keeping submitting. Despite rejections. Despite pieces falling into the black hole of never hearing. And through it all, it one perseveres, there will be acceptances and publications and our writing world expands.
    I’m so glad to have met you through your writing!


  7. This is more wonderful news, Lida. Good for you. I look forward to reading your story. Hope you received an email from me a while ago? Keep on keeping on!


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