Just What I Need. . .

books question mark. . . more rabbit holes. Sheesh. Okay, we all know what happens when we sit down to write. We see some irresistible click bait. We think it will only be a few seconds of surfing. A half hour later, suddenly it’s time to make lunch. Or whatever. And now, at the risk of having you think I’m the devil on one shoulder, I have to mention my latest temptations. I belong to LibraryThing, an online book club similar to Goodreads, but different. LibraryThing has many discussion groups in both fiction and non-fiction, but my favorite group is “Name That Book.” People post a few lines or the plot from a book they read in the past, but now can’t recall the title of. You have to be a member to post, but not just to browse what people are looking for. BUT, the site also refers users to even more links to explore, such as the Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes from the Library of Congress and Reddit’s What’s That Book.

So, what’s the fascination? It’s kind of like a quiz show, where you compete in your mind with the folks on the TV. It’s fun to test my own memory, as well as the huge backlog of books I’ve read. It’s fun to try to help other readers who are going nuts trying to remember something they’ve read that still haunts them. But, all that aside, it’s for sure one more timewaster. Will I give it up? No. But I know from experience it will lose it’s appeal after a while and I’ll be spending less and less time on these sites. Then I’ll do what I always do: get back to work.

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4 Responses to Just What I Need. . .

  1. Jo Nelsen says:

    oh boy! Have I been there too! I think as writers we’re innately curious… hence the allure of rabbit holes…or anything!


  2. For me, the worst/best is research. Worst for taking time, best for fun. I know stuff now I never knew before. Princess phones are still available and work. Steamer/wardrobe trunks can come with ironing boards. And so much about time management and personal organization! Have fun. Life is short.


    • Glad to hear we all do this. Every time there’s an acronym I’ve never seen before or a new term or buzzword, I’m off and running. One recent one was “bungalow apron.” Thanks for reading and commenting, Jan. Lida


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