Gosh, Thanks!

Last evening, I went to Vroman’s, my favorite independent bookstore, for the monthly Trivia contest. While there, I picked up the latest copy of Mystery Scene Magazine. I am a faithful reader. I love the articles on historic figures or events in the mystery genre, the profiles of mystery writers and of course, the reviews.

In this issue, though, one review was an unexpected delight. On page 47, Betty Webb reviews the latest Guppy anthology, Fishy Business. She gave a shoutout to my story, “The Wannabe”, as one of her favorites in the collection. Wow! So, thanks to The Guppies (a chapter of Sisters in Crime), Wildside Press, the coordinator, the judges, the anthology editor, and to Betty Webb for including the book in her roundup of small press reviews.

There is one problem with Mystery Scene Magazine. I end up with another 17 books on my To Read list. Actually, that’s not a problem. Having lots of enticing new titles to look forward to, whether mystery fiction or otherwise, is a perpetual joy for people like us. So, read on!

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8 Responses to Gosh, Thanks!

  1. Michael Toman says:

    Hi, Lida!

    Congratulations on your great news!

    Way to go!

    Always Best Wishes,




  2. Kathie Lankee says:

    Wow! Famtastic!


  3. This is just great! I’m so happy for you. I know how precious it feels when someone compliments our work. Keep writing; keep submitting!


  4. Vance Fox says:

    congrats on being recognized by your peers! keep up the good work; you deserve the recognition:)

    Virus-free. http://www.avast.com


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