I Say To Myself “Be Sensible”

The ME in my head: Be sensible. You don’t need to lie awake all night, thinking up titles and working out plot points in your mind. Get some sleep.

Be sensible. You can’t keep up with your email as it is. Do you really want to sign up for one more online writer’s group?

Be sensible. Do you really need to spend money on yet another “how-to” writing book?

Be sensible. You already subscribe to three book review journals. What can you possibly get from this newly launched one that you aren’t getting other ways?

Be sensible. You don’t need to jump up in the middle of the night to jot down that brilliant, perfect iambic line that will be a brilliant, perfect line for your next sonnet or villanelle. You’ll remember it in the morning. It’s too outstanding for you to ever forget it.

The ME in my heart and soul: Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Also: Give it up. I’m not listening. You don’t get it. You never have. Come back and talk to me when you’re supportive, on board, and have faith in my goals. See ya then.

About Lida Bushloper

writer and poet
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2 Responses to I Say To Myself “Be Sensible”

  1. Oh, I can relate. Can’t eveyone? Great post!


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