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I don’t make enough money from writing to deduct writing expenses. But I still have them, so I look forward to the day when I might, in fact, be able to balance them against what I’ve earned. My accountant was … Continue reading

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Showing Some Spine

Between the global health crisis and the upcoming election, many of us have been more glued to our monitors than ever. So much of what we hear is repetitive or speculation, so I start noticing the backgrounds, rather than the … Continue reading

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We, Readers

I love this picture of London during the Blitz. These diehard readers didn’t have to cope with “safer at home.” But they still were under grave stress and the chance of very real physical attack from the German Luftwaffe. Yet, … Continue reading

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No, not with my writing. (I wish.) But with my consumption of books. Years ago, I had a super long commute to and from work, 75 miles each way. I naturally thought it would be a great time to listen … Continue reading

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Make it Stop! (Not Really)

Once again I’m overwhelmed by piles and shelves of unread books. I shouldn’t say, “once again,” because it’s actually a permanent condition. I could never live long enough to read them all, especially since I can’t resist adding to the … Continue reading

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The Rewards of Accepting a Challenge

As a frequent user of our local library, I enjoy taking part in many of the programs offered. So I was delighted to see a new one crop up. The Adult Reading Challenge encourages people to read in a genre … Continue reading

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The “Free Table”—In Which I Finally Get Around to Explaining All Those Earlier Cryptic References.

It used to be the “free bench.” Against the back wall of our local library, handy to the parking lot, there were a couple of old benches. They sat under the building’s overhang, so they had some protection from what … Continue reading

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