A Mantra For Writers–and Others

I have too many books.  So, every now and then, I weed.  Or try to.  In doing so, I unearth unusual things, surprises and, all too often, duplicates (oops).  Sometimes I can scan a book quickly and add it to the donate pile.  Other times, the book is worthy of a full read, so it goes back on the shelf.  Once in a while, an item is quirky enough to entice me to read the whole thing.  Sometimes I’m a little disgusted with myself for what turns out to be a waste of time.  But other times I come across one thought that makes it worthwhile.

jews who rockI just finished Jews Who Rock, by Guy Oseary (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2001).  The entry for Adam Gaynor of matchbox 20 includes this note:  “Adam’s personal  motto is “Inner strength . . . inner peace . . . focus . . . fire.”  It seems like a perfect guiding phrase for artists, including writers. Like me. Or maybe you.

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writer and poet
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