It’s Here!!

Hi, everybody. I’m delighted to announce that In Celebration of Sisters, the anthology that includes my essay about my sister, Mary, is now available. If you have a sister you love, or know someone who does, it will make a unique gift. I got a real kick out of writing the essay, and I’m glad the editor, Trisha Faye, liked it as well. Next week, she’ll be visiting this blog for an interview. So, I’ve started the New Year with a bang. I also sent off my first submission of the year on Jan. 2. While I don’t necessarily believe the rest of the year will be as stellar, I’m happy with a job well-done so far. All the best to all of you as the new year unfolds.

About Lida Bushloper

writer and poet
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4 Responses to It’s Here!!

  1. trishafaye says:

    Happy New Years Lida!
    Thank you for starting off the new year sharing about In Celebration of Sisters. I’m glad our paths crossed through this anthology and I’m so glad you submitted such a treasured story to be part of it.


  2. Carolyn Swadron says:

    Congratulations. Wish I had a sister to celebrate too.


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