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thumbnail_Trishabiopic3Today I’m interviewing Trisha Faye, the editor of the newly released anthology In Celebration of Sisters.

Me: How did you come up with the idea for In Celebration of Sisters?

Trisha: This newest anthology, In Celebration of Sisters, is a follow-up – or companion – anthology to In Celebration of Mothers: Reflections Celebrating Motherhood, which I published last year. Last year, my mother was turning 80 and I was searching for something different and unique for a special birthday present. She certainly didn’t need any more knick-knacks or blankets. I thought of writing a book, but was looking at a fairly short time frame and didn’t think I could write an entire book by myself. So I put out a call for submissions to other authors and produced an anthology. My mom loved having a book dedicated to her, with an early picture of her and me on the cover. A year later, I think she’s still floating on air. A book honoring sisters seemed to be the perfect second anthology.

Me: What was the biggest or most unexpected challenge you had when putting together the anthology?

Trisha: By far the biggest challenge is narrowing down the submissions! There were so many excellent stories and poems submitted, I wish I could have accepted far more than I did. Unfortunately, I had a set budget I had to stay within, which limited the number of tales I could purchase first rights for.

Me: Any ideas for future anthologies that you’re ready to share?

A third anthology is underway for release in March 2018. Mothers of Angels is a collection of stories and poems about the grief of losing children. Stories have already been submitted for that and we’re in the midst of the selection process. I thought that was going to be the last anthology…but then, yours truly (Lida, the blog host here) threw out an idea that got the wheels spinning again…

Me: I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! All the best for your future projects, Trisha.

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  1. trishafaye says:

    Thanks for the wonderful interview post Lida!
    I’m so glad you were a part of the Sister’s anthology. Your story, My World Champion Sister, is a terrific piece honoring and celebrating your own sister, Mary.


  2. trishafaye says:

    Reblogged this on Trisha Faye and commented:
    Lida Bushloper, a contributor in In Celebration of Sisters, features an interview with me today. Check it out on Lida’s page.


  3. Nice piece!

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