A Clean Slate

clean slateI got my last rejection of the year a few days ago. It was kind of refreshing. Everything else I had submitted had either been rejected or accepted. Now I can start a fresh batch of submissions from scratch. Sort of like cleaning out one’s junk drawer. (No, I don’t equate my work with junk.) Some years, on the first day of the new year, I’ll look back at what I’ve accomplished with my writing and try to pinpoint: what worked, what didn’t. Nah, not this year. I just want new ideas, new markets if possible, a new approach to creativity. Of course, the “new year” is totally a human construction. The trees, our pets, the universe doesn’t have any idea that this day is different from any other. And I also know people (only a few) who don’t see this day as any reason to take stock or attempt to make plans for the future. They truly live in the moment. I admire that, but haven’t figured out yet how to apply it in my own life. So, for now, I see today as a clean slate, a chance to start over with no leftovers from the year just passed. That is, I did, until my CP Stephanie, when I was telling her this, said, “But what about . . ” naming a piece I still have out that I had forgotten about. Oh, well. Clean slates aren’t always, and don’t have to be, perfect. Seems like there’s always some little thing left in the junk drawer that you can’t figure out what to do with. So, I’ll just go on doing the best I can. I hope all of you have a great writing, and personal, year.


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6 Responses to A Clean Slate

  1. Happy New Year, Lida! I tried to get a few things done before this “big day,” but still have a few hanging. My new goal is to have it all done by next Monday. Then back to writing. Hope you have a productive and FUN new year!


    • Yup, I agree. I clear up budget and banking details, return any borrowed items. Like you, I’m often a day or two behind, but at least having that “deadline” helps me get them done. Best wishes for all of our writing goals in 2019. Thanks for reading and commenting. Lida


  2. Claudette says:

    For me, September with back to school is the true New Year but I can appreciate the calendar as well. This year I’m trying my hand at bullet journaling and what better time to try than right at the beginning of a new calendar year? 😉


    • Absolutely. Despite so many school districts starting school in August, September will always feel like the start of a new year. I’m glad to hear you are trying something new with your writing practice. It inspires me to do something different as well. Thanks for reading and commenting. Lida

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  3. trishafaye says:

    I love the promise of a new year, with the clean slate, new goals and new possibilities. I love to do end of year analysis, planning for the new year, new projects, new goals.
    I’d never sat down and thought about it being a human construction – your statement “The trees, our pets, the universe doesn’t have any idea that this day is different from any other.” made me do a double-take as I thought about this.
    I’ll still move forward with the anticipation and zest for a brand new year, but will have a little deeper thought about how for all of nature – it’s just another day.


    • Glad I made you think a bit, Trisha. I got that thought, about time being a human construct, from Isaac Asimov. Wish I could remember what essay I read it in. He was a terrific writer and science popularizer. But I also know there are some religions and philosophies that see time and the passage of time differently. Hope you have a great year. Thanks for reading and commenting. Lida

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