Honestly, Once Would Have Been Enough

two gunsI was delighted when so many of my online writer friends got last minute holiday gifts in the form of acceptances in late December. It was the opposite for me. I got not one, but two rejections–for the same piece!!


How did this happen? The first rejection was a form rejection, common enough, no surprise. But then the editor, for some reason, didn’t like it that form rejections were sent out. Perhaps she felt potential contributors deserved better. Anyway, she took it upon herself to send out more personalized rejections. This was about a week after the initial rejection letter. When I saw the sender in my email, at first my heart gave that little leap. Aha, they realized they made a mistake and are accepting my piece after all! Well, no. Having been primed by the first rejection, it wasn’t much of a letdown. But, kind as the editor was to personalize bad news, seriously, I would have been fine with getting that news only once. Still, it’s a reminder that there are conscientious, hard-working editors out there. So, on to the next project.


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4 Responses to Honestly, Once Would Have Been Enough

  1. trishafaye says:

    Sorry to hear about the double-rejection. You’re right – once would have been enough for me too! But that’s okay. You’ve gotten that out of the way now. On to bigger and better in 2019!


  2. How odd. Maybe the editor didn’t realilze you’d had a rejection already? Never happened to me, and that’s one more thing I can be thankful for. I’m sure after you send it out again, you will get an accerptance. Onward!


    • Actually, the editor said in the second letter that she was not happy about the form letters going out and would guard against it in the future and I appreciated her efforts. But, yes, onward!


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