Better. Just better.

betterHave you ever found one of your old, old stories or essays or poems, one of your earliest attempts to be a serious writer? Do you laugh gently to yourself about how bad it was? Me, too. In fact, I’m embarrassed now to realize I actually sent some of those pieces out. Those poor, kind over-worked editors! But so what? Everybody starts somewhere. None of us is born knowing how to be a good writer. We all start off at varying stages of ineptness, then improve. How? I’ve taken classes, attended workshops, shared critiques with fellow writers, both better than I am and on the same level. I’ve compared my attempts to those already in print in markets I aspire to. Though it’s taken years, I’m astounded at how much better I actually am, at least, IMHO. No, that’s not quite true. I know I’m better because I get published now, when in the early days I didn’t. I know I’m better because I can writer faster, often easier. I know I’m better because I occasionally get solicited for content, something that would never have happened in the beginning. I don’t ask for perfection. I can only become a better writer at my own speed, although I have experienced bursts of insight about my own writerly mistakes. I may never achieve amazement inspiring work. All I demand of myself is to keep improving, learning, honing, caring. To be better today, with this manuscript, than I was before.

If I wanted more, I’d get discouraged. If I wanted less, I’d be stuck forever where I started. It’s may not seem like much to ask. But it’s also everything. Better.

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6 Responses to Better. Just better.

  1. Knowing Me, Knowing You says:

    So very true! I can very much relate to this, but we cannot grow if we do not do. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Every word you wrote is true! You can even see this in most famous authors’ writing–their first works are not quite as polished, generally, as the later ones. Keep on keeping on!


  3. Absolutely. And they never stop trying to improve. They talk about it themselves, and you can see it in their archives. Fascinating. Thanks for reading and commenting. Lida


  4. trishafaye says:

    So very true, Lida! I think we’re all there. I’ll pull up some of my pieces from a few years ago and just groan sometimes. While at the time I thought it was such gold LOL


  5. And yet, I can’t convince myself to throw out some of that old work. Like maybe there’s some usable nugget in there somewhere. Oh, well. Thanks for reading and commenting, Triisha


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