Links to King’s River Life mystery stories

I’m posting links to my short mystery stories in King’s River Life“Every Day is Mother’s Day” appeared in the May 7, 2013 issue.  “Born On the 4th of July” appeared in the July 2, 2013 issue.  And “A Bag of Bagels” was published in the Sept. 12, 2013 issue.  If you haven’t read them yet, I hope you do.  They were fun to write, and King’s River Life carries lots of great stories of all kinds.

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writer and poet
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2 Responses to Links to King’s River Life mystery stories

  1. Carolyn Swadron says:

    Thanks, Lida. It was great to read your stories again.

    You are so clever!!



    Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 17:34:51 +0000 To:


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